Keyword Optimization & Best SEO Practices

In order to rank in search engines, the best SEO practices in keyword optimization are to communicate with the algorithm.

Search Engine Results Page’s like Google cannot peer at a page with human eyes that decrypt pixels in images. SERP’s translate globally, though, text is the language that links all tongues.

Code Won't Cut It - Use The Alphabet

While HTML forms the structure of a website, the code is unrelated to search terms; therefore irrelevant to both engines and visitors.

How can readable text be added to code? Through metadata.

An HTML savvy web developer can add required text to code, though, for those without access to this assistance, there are plugins available that facilitate the additions. Meta Tag Manager can be found on WordPress, or HMTL Meta Keywords Builder on Shopify; both of which offer free versions.

Metadata is a technical aspect, though for relevance, the keywords included will optimally also match SEO titles, meta descriptions, headers, image or link alt text, and content.

Too Much Of An Important Term Is Not Keyword Optimization

Over-stuffing content with keywords in an attempt to win ranks will not only hold no weight with Google, it can reduce position in SERP’s, while also increasing bounce rates. A web visitor is looking for content; not overwhelming repetition. Landing on a page with the goal of reaching that #1 position creates a low engagement time, reduced interaction, and a disappointed visitor with no interest in returning.

Does keyword stuffing work? Google detects an over-optimized keyword with no relevance to content with no rewards in rank. Alternatively, considering the search intent of potential visitors is favoured, as this strategy correlates with Googles goal of providing rich results.

Repeating search terms to a high ratio to total content is keyword stuffing. Optimal SEO contains a combination of information, which can hold synonyms and related concepts of relevance. Offering useful results is rewarded, while a jumble of repetition is equivalent to spam that may as well be written in HTML.

How To Optimize Headers and Content With Strong SEO

When it comes to an SEO plugin for WordPress, there are a rising number of choices. Our preference is Rank Math SEO, which offers a highly comprehensive free version, and a pro version worth the low investment. Other options include AISEO or Yoast.

A combination of implementations can be used to correlate with a page containing at least 600 to 700 words. Though, according to current understanding of the ranking factors for 2022, the preference is to lean closer to an average of 2,000 words per page.

The featured keyword matches:

  • The URL or the slug
  • The SEO title
  • Meta description
  • Metadata
  • The H1 Header
  • At least once in either the H2 or H3
  • Beginning of content
  • Feature image alt text
Strong And Bold Tags

Strong and bold tags add an accentuation to the relevance of important words. Ideally, each exact phrase will only be used once on a page. Contributing enough valuable information alongside the desired search terms is a strategy that leads to returning visitors, content shares, and potential backlinks. Pleasant content for the individual reader is the factor that leads to conversions, a high click through rate, and a trust score that holds merit with more than an algorithm, but also the human component. 

When Pages Eat Each Other - URL Cannibalization

Two or more pages or posts with an identical featured keyword leave search engines to choose which among them appear in SERP’s. By using unique identifiers per URL, multiple relevant pages may be afforded rank.

In Conclusion

Content marketing involves contributing direct meaning to searches that grab interest. As the goal of the algorithm is to provide the best and most informative results, then optimizing for the visitor is the most consistent means of keeping up with infamous Google updates.

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