SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Just like you need to read, see or hear something in order to detect what it’s about, search engines require information in order to suggest relevant results.

With an inquiry like “What is SEO,” if your website does not have the actual words, then SERP’s like Google will not detect context. Even further, if there is not clear set indication of a theme or purpose to a keyword, then it will favour sites that are optimized to indicate that they offer what is needed.

Adding a keyword or key-phrase once is not usually enough, and stuffing a page or description with a high percentage of one term is disfavoured and even holds penalty by lowering or removing from rank.

Pictures, links, or implied concepts are unreadable to crawl bots unless this data is expressly indicated through text. Through methods that insert information, a relationship is created with these elements and the data they represent.

The right balance in text ratio is only one factor. Search Engine Results Pages (Or SERP’s) are coded to select sites with high domain authority, healthy core web vitals, and that are mobile friendly and responsive.

That may sound like a lot, though there’s even more to this craft. Text are not the only ratio’s that boost website rank or drop them entirely.

Some may have once thought that creating a site and letting it sail was sufficient. We learned otherwise. We spent detailed time in thoroughly educating ourselves on the intricacies of not only what search engines prioritize, but also in creating a person-centred experience for visitors.

Offset Opacity - Setting The New Success Rate

There’s more to optimization or to the success of a website than key-phrases. In order to attain a score of 100%, it takes attention to detail and time to develop the right recipe for each website.

Ranking #1 will not happen overnight. The initial impact is produced in thoroughly optimizing your website, then follow-up evaluations that amplify the results.

Results are the goal. Solutions, strategy and thoughtful consideration of your products or services are what tip the scales.

Contact Offset Opacity for a personalized price estimate. A consultation to go over your vision for your service representation or to answer questions is included in the price.